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After some down time Indievisuals is back online and here to stay! The site is being redesigned to better suit all the new, current, and emerging projects taking shape and the site design itself will be an ongoing project as I am doing it all myself from scratch using little more than my basic knowledge of HTML and minimal flash skills. Currently and quite likely for some time to come, the site may not be fully functional and may be missing some content as I experiment with different layouts and design ideas, but please check back often as I will be adding and improving all areas of the site on a regular basis.


Current Projects...

Cafe Live Logo Cecil English

Over the past year Indievisuals has been proud to be a part of CAFE LIVE - a mobile audio and video recording company specializing in capturing live band performances in High Audio Realistic Definition. The brainchild of legendary Vancouver producer and engineer Cecil English, this collaborative venture brings together a number of talented local videographers who have experience working in a live performance envirnoment and understand the specific concerns of the artists. The CAFE LIVE team has quickly gained acclaim from the music scene by providing a world class service on a musician's budget. For info, rates, or sample videos, see our CAFE LIVE page or visit the official site at cafelive.ca

photo by Patrick Parenteau

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